Near Athens, Plato created the Academy: a place for learning, philosophy, mathematics and the arts. Where, to ensure the peace of body and spirit, community banquets were organized combining delicious, healthy and moderate dishes enlivened with interesting conversations and debates.

As advantaged apprentices of the great thinker, we have created Platoos Tableshare- the philosophy of enjoying food combining all kinds of experiences.

Platoos Tableshare is a collection of tableware that rethinks tradition. Mix it with the grandmother's china or with that Swedish pottery, no complexes. Combine it with an entertaining chat with your family and friends. Or use it while you grow your favorite hobbies, like reading a book or watching TV on the couch.

The rules of the game have changed: save time and space; power your most creative side Only or in company. Pieces that adapt to your needs and fit in one to be discreet in your wardrobe, be the star of the table or help you make your day to day easier.

Agape Hightlights



Soup/Salad bowl
Strong and libertine, brings soups and salads to your table like nobody's business. Her bosom tightly holds the four complementary pieces for storage optimization. 

Measurements: 25x25x17 cm


The goddess in your household excels at catering to your fancies. Its ergonomic double-fold design and its perimeter make it perfect for any occasion. 

Measurements: 15.7x15.7x5.8 cm

Julia Domna

The centerpiece in its own right: elegant and ambiguous. One side shows its two colors, while the other one chooses just one.
Heads or tails?

Measurements: 21x21x4.5 cm


Marble Tray
Neron becomes the center of attention at any given party. It's perfect to hold finger food sauces, and it's an excellent companion for Caracalla, Julius, and Messalina. 

Measurements: 22x22x1.8 cm


When accompanying Neron and Julia Domna, it metamorphoses into a cutting board or a display support. 

Measurements: 36x36x1.8 cm


Small bowl
Caracalla brings the dressings to your table. Its open crown is an invitation to dip in, and enjoy.

Measurements: 8x8x3.4 cm


Marble bowl
Just as a pedestal from Ancient Rome, Julius raises your meal to a piece-of-art status. And just as easily, by putting it upside down, becomes a bowl.

Measurements: 12x12x7.4 cm


Meeting of the waters. Redefining the lines of the traditional brocca romana, this pitcher will bring color and elegance to your table. Holds: 1,2L / 2,5 pint

Measurements: 10x10x26 cm



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